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We’re putting our energy into designing, building and operating utility retail software that automates billing, empowers customers and fast-tracks innovation​. And now, Australia’s most flexible utilitech is getting bigger and better.  Learn more.


At Tally Group, we're designing, building and operating the next generation of technology services to support the future of utility retail and customer engagement.

Accurate, scalable, SaaS-based billing, CIS and market gateway.


Unified digital tools that enable cross-platform customer engagement.


Data lake, machine learning and advanced analytics for utilities.


Manage the full customer lifecycle and dynamic, multi-step campaigns.


Front and back office operations to support your technology.


Leverage our experience, creativity and tech to enhance your products.



We're transforming utilitech across the mass market, commercial and industrial sectors, enabling innovation and reducing cost to serve by delivering on our near zero touch vision.

Reduce cost to serve and enable mass market innovation

Choose the right tools from our technology platforms to transform your business. We can help you launch innovative products to market, deliver cutting edge digital customer solutions, or use our machine learning and analytics to reduce cost to serve.

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Everything you need to launch a new retailer in weeks

Billing, customer engagement, market gateway, even front and back office operations; we've got everything you need to bring your new retailer to market and start shaking up the industry.

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Complete billing and portal solutions for C&I customers

Our cutting edge platform can manage all complex C&I tariffs and is ready to bill anything that the future brings. We've also got a range of C&I focused portals and engagement solutions ready to go.

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Retail solutions for Embedded Networks

Our onboarding, customer management, billing and engagement solution brings together everything you need to manage embedded network retail operations, with minimal overhead.

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