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Utility Billing

A multi-utility SaaS based billing platform, for C&I, residential, ENOs and distributed energy, that's quick to deploy, flexible to innovate and infinitely scalable.

New Energy Innovation

We're supporting grid transformation and the move to a cleaner future, with our ability to bill any complex tariff structures.

Customer Management

Simplify the operations experience with our intuitive customer management layer.

Exception Management

We're driving towards a zero-touch future, making exception management simple and automating wherever possible.

Market Compliance

Our platform is designed to be fully compliant with the Australian energy market.

Digital Tools

Multi-platform customer engagement with unified native and desktop apps. Allow notifications, payment, chat and insights through a single customer layer.

Insights & Engagement

Reduce churn by up to 30% with weekly customer updates that help people to manage their usage and keep their bills under control.

Demand Response

Reduce load and save money during peak events with our award winning behavioural demand response platform that makes life easy for customers.

Bill Parsing

Instantly parse customer bills through a simple drag and drop interface to simplify the customer sign up journey, reduce human error and expedite sales.

Data Lake

Quickly deploy our fully cloud based data lake to provide a platform for advanced analytics, machine learning and business intelligence.


We're experts in leveraging and analysing utility data and have developed complex models around tariffs, churn, exceptions and new energy solutions.

Revenue Assurance

Help prevent revenue leakage with our bill reconciliation capability that provides you with a real time view of potential issues.

Tariff Optimisation

Run ongoing bulk or one off simulations to calculate customers' best combination of network and retail tariffs.


An enterprise class CRM platform that's ready for the utilities industry and provides a 360 customer view at all stages of the customer lifecycle.

Dynamic Campaigns

Automatically manage dynamic, multistep campaigns that present existing customers, or new leads, with relevant offers.

Quote to Contract

Prepare energy offers and generate contracts for complex C&I and multisite deals, automatically triggering transfers and onboarding.


We can manage your customer service and onboarding, through to billing and settlements, so that you can focus on innovation and growing your business.


Leverage our expertise in the energy market to support your compliance obligations.


From early stage startups to established retailers looking for an edge, we've worked across the industry and can help with your strategic challenges.


With vast experience in cutting edge technology, from both within and beyond the utilities industry, we can help determine the best technology roadmap for your business.


Tally Group has innovation at its core. We've turned concepts into reality all over the world, and can help turn your ideas into realities that will shape the future.

Market Entry

Tally Group can help you to obtain a retail license and establish compliant energy processes and systems.


Cut your time to quote and ensure 100% accuracy and compliance. Supports phone, online and door-to-door quote generation.

Pricing & Products

Launch new products and sales channels in minutes. UCONX provides a central point for managing all energy rates and offers.

Campaign Management

Streamline lead management with an intuitive agent platform, smart workflow tools and granular campaign performance reporting.


Reduce human touch in the onboarding process with automated market communications, welcome kit generation & billing system syncing.

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