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Mass Market

Let our capabilities give you the edge, reducing cost to serve and enabling innovation

Whether you're looking for tools in specific areas, such as customer engagement, demand response, or big data and machine learning, or want to spin up a new billing engine to manage new energy innovation, we've got you covered.

Our platforms are all built around a microservice architecture, integrated via standard API layers, so we can plug the solutions to help develop your business straight into your existing technology stack. If the core is what's holding you back, we've even built an entire innovation brand for an established retailer, letting them develop new products and services without having to worry about the constraints of old technology.

New Entrants

All of the tools and support you need to enter the Australian energy market

We've helped a number of new entrants successfully enter the Australian energy market over the last couple of years.

With our fully integrated techology stack, we've got the billing, customer engagement and analytics tools to get you up and running in a matter of weeks. All of our platforms are fully scalable, and ready for anything the future might bring, so you can focus on defining and growing your business without being held back by legacy technology and outdated attitudes.

Commercial & Industrial

Leverage our pedigree in complex, scalable billing coupled with in depth portals and analytics.

At Tally Group, we've got years of experience in what it takes to accurately bill C&I customers.

Our platform has all of the tools that you'll need to manage quoting and billing of complex tariffs, as well as the end to end account management of C&I customers. We've also developed a digital tools layer specifically designed to meet the requirements of large customers, providing them with all of the necessary account management and progressive purchasing tools they need to run their business.

Embedded Networks

Reduce business and system costs, maximising margins and ROI whilst providing great customer experience

Our solution is geared for the emerging, competitive embedded network niche.

The end to end solution covers everything you'll need to setup and operate and embedded network focussed retail business. With onboarding, customer service, meter data, billing and digital self-service, across energy and non-energy products, we've got everything you need to support your business.

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